I’m a Church Series Art Designer that helps pastors communicate their Sunday messages in a way that’s so compelling and beautiful that people who don’t know Jesus can’t help but fall in love with Him.

Unlike other church designers, I’ve led design teams for some of the worlds biggest ministries, raising millions of dollars for their efforts.

But my work says more about me than I ever could. Check it.


When I look back on the big milestones in my adult life – baptism, marriage, having kids, I can tell you what series we were in every time. I like to think I’m not the only one.

I’ve been doing design work for several churches around the country for the last few years that eventually led me to a job as the Lead Designer for Daystar Television Network’s marketing department.


Working full time in ministry plus managing everything remotely turned out to be more stress than I was prepared for, so I’ve moved on since then, but it still stands as a good name to drop!


Now I’m the Communications Director for Champions Community Church in Houston, and I’ve sacrificed almost every bit of my spare time since 2010 serving there.


I wasn’t given the worst hand, nor the best, but I played my hand really poorly until about 2010 when I met Jesus at Champions, and everything turned around.


I’m dedicated to the local church and helping it grow because I know that it is God’s Plan A, and there is no Plan B. I’ve experienced first hand the impact that the local church can have for someone who is like I was, and I want to help those folks.

Can I help your ministry?