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1836 Clothing Company Houston Shirts

In April of 2016, I launched my own clothing company as a passion project, and so far it’s doing pretty well. That launch was inspired by my love of Houston and hip hop culture; the only problem with that is the two are intertwined with drug references and visuals that are tired and played out. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the history, but there’s more to Houston than drank, the skyline and Dj Screw.


I wanted to make Houston shirts that were creative and PG-13, so 1836 Clothing Company was born. In 1836, at the intersection of White Oak and Buffalo Bayou, two ballers from New York (The Allen Brothers) decided they were sick of how business was done there, and they were going to start anew in the Gulf Coast. Houston, Texas was born. Hence the name, 1836 Clothing.


The brand was something relegated to a list of dreams in my notebook, but after a trip to Circles Conference in September 2015, I came home inspired and determined to make that list of dreams into a list of accomplishments.


This whole Houston shirts thing is nothing more than a really serious hobby for me, but it’s paid off. The business was profitable within the first 24 hours of opening the store, and has continued to steadily grow. It also paints the picture for what I’m able to do when given full creative control to develop a brand and the digital strategy that follows.


I’m currently working on 1836 Clothing Company 2.0, which will feature less Houston shirts and more Houston, but models, locations and photographers are all pending for that stuff.


Meanwhile, the buzz continues to grow on Instagram. I don’t focus as much on Facebook simply because as a user, I prefer IG. Long term goals include adding Pinterest to the mix.


The project included the following:

  • Logo System
  • Brand Voice
  • Mobile-Optimized E-Commerce Website, Minimal Local SEO
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Graphic Tees


It’s something I work on for a few minutes a day, but the launch took a sleepless week to build from the ground up. Many of the ideas for the shirts were already conceptualized; they just needed to be executed.



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