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AMS ColdPro AC Branding

AMS ColdPro is a small AC company in Houston with enormous ambitions. The owner, Huy Nguyen is a hardworking dude with a hell of a comeback story – that’s the kind of thing I can really get behind. I pride myself on what I do and the passion I have for it. As long as the bills are all paid and the bank accounts look good, I work exclusively with people that have the same mindset as me. Huy, AMS ColdPro’s owner, is one man that does.


Originally, Huy just wanted a logo, but after some discussions about his goals and plans, we ended up with an AC Branding project as well as a mobile-optimized website and some local SEO to help him establish his name locally, quickly.


We opted for a full brand design because he was planning on taking the logo I’d make for him and dump it on some template business cards and letterheads, completely defeating the purpose of establishing a brand. Huy and AMS ColdPro have been immensely successful since he started, racking up tons of 5 star reviews online, thanks in part to that local SEO.


When we were considering options early on, he mentioned something about wanting to make his parents proud, “My parents fled communist Vietnam to make a better life for my brothers and sisters. I just want to make them proud, man. I just wanna show them that I’m living the American dream – the real American dream, ya know??”


“That’s the brand, Huy. You. Your story,” I replied, a little misty-eyed with chills all down my back. AC is such a commodity, and he’s a small fish in a big pond, so we thought of a few ways to leverage his personality through his brand as well as on social media. It’s working.


The project included the following:

  • Logo System
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Thank You Cards
  • Mobile-Optimized Website, minimal local SEO
  • Embroidered Shirts
  • Minor Social Media Strategy
  • Minor Reputation Management


Huy is super pleased with the results.



When I call/text, Anthony didn't take hours and days to respond. He's on his stuff, and that's the kind of team player I need to get stuff done. I got everything I asked for and more. The whole thing was a huge success - 'started from the bottom now Huy here.'

– Huy Nguyen


Working on AC branding is probably not the most glamorous thing I could be doing, but a client like Huy made it fun, and this was one of my favorite projects of 2016.

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