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Beer Chronicle Brand and Houston Beer Blog

In April of 2016, I launched my own clothing company as a passion project, and so far it’s doing pretty well. That launch inspired one of my friends, for whom I have to thank for some encouragement and ideas along the way.


My good friend Chris Adams called me one hot May afternoon, which was a bit unusual to begin with. We shot the breeze about work, pregnancy, babies, etc. Then he mentioned to me that he was digging around through some beer blogs, and for the most part, they all sucked, with one or two exceptions. They were either too wordy and written in a condescending manner, they were old and outdated, or none of them really spotlighted Houston beer as well as he thought they could. When it comes to anything Houston, I’m listening, and Chris knows this very well.


So he continues, “Well, basically I just wanted to see if I could make my own beer blog. Like, how hard would that be?”


Me, laughing, “Welp. How much time do you have, Chris?”


We met for lunch one afternoon. A few pizza slices and a couple Houston beers later, we had a rough plan on paper.


We opted for a full brand design because he was planning on recruiting a few writers, getting them business cards, shirts and swag to give to brewers/friends around town. And of course, I had to build the Houston beer blog for him.


When we were considering names and angles for the brand, Chris threw out a few ideas, but Houston Beer Chronicle was one that stuck. He ended up dropping the Houston off of the name itself, as that would be wholly implied by the visual identity and voice. When discussing the voice, he also mentioned so many craft beer drinkers were really pretentious, and although in the Houston beer scene, it didn’t seem quite as prevalent, he still wanted to get away from that.


The project included the following:

  • Logo System
  • Brand Voice
  • Business Cards
  • Email Signature
  • Vinyl Decals
  • Mobile-Optimized Website, minimal local SEO
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Embroidered Shirts
  • Pint Glasses and Koozies
  • Graphic Tees


Beer Chronicle is poised to become the authority on Houston beer, and their success is because Chris is a passionate owner with more creative ideas than a kid on a playground. I just love working with people like that. He’s a quick learner, and he’s extended the knowledge to his team. Not only have they began crushing their goals of sitting down with owners to help them tell their stories as breweries, but you can Google just about any (fairly popular) craft Houston beer, and you’ll see some piece of content from them. Try it for yourself.



I wasn't sure if Anthony would be able to see my vision for the site. He took my idea, gave me exactly what I asked for, and then showed me how to make it even better! My favorite part was how involved I was. I figured it'd be a meeting, and then in a month or so I'd have a site; then I'd never hear from him again. He texted me with updates and asked for my input almost daily while we were building it. Anthony will get the job done and make you feel like you're his only client!

– Chris Adams


This project took roughly 2 months to complete, but it’s sort of ongoing, as he and I are close friends, and he hits me up regularly asking about this idea or that.

Brand Design