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Brandon Stewart from Team Church Message Artwork


Brandon Stewart from Team Church is somewhat a regular at Champions. Each time he comes, he brings out the best in everyone on the team, including myself.


That’s why the graphics from both of his visits where he preached have made it into my portfolio. He’s a great guy with a genuine heart, and it comes through in everything he does. I hope that the work I do looks the same way.


All of Brandon’s church message artwork, included the following:

  • Key Art
  • Scripture Slide
  • Various Related Images
  • Shareable Social Media Images


Brandon Stewart form Team Church brought it with both of these messages.



I really love Champions, Pastor Chase Austin, and his entire family. A healthy, generous church does not happen on accident. It happens through great leadership over decades. His parents and family are legendary. Really honored to be on the journey with them.

– Brandon Stewart, Team Church



These projects took a few days each.

Church Series Art