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Champions Community Church Message Artwork

I’m the Communications Director at Champions Community Church, so I oversee all the graphics/multimedia, and grow a small team of creatives in doing so. These are a few of my favorite pieces of Champions Community Church message artwork that might not have had a series opener for various reasons.


Some are from 5+ years ago, when we didn’t have the ability to plan that far out. Others were one-off messages, and others were complete accidents. How does one have an accidental Sunday service or church message artwork, you ask? It’d have to be a God Plan.


One Sunday morning at Champions Community Church, almost everybody was out. Pastor Chase was gone traveling, Pastors Matt and Cyndi were gone with their families on a family vacation, and many team leaders just so happened to take that day off as well. Summer months at churches can be tough.


Low and behold, our faithful Senior Pastor would preach all three services in everyone else’s absence. He’d host, do announcements, preach the message and the response – the whole 9. The problem with that is, he got a little excited during the second of three services. He was telling a story in a real-animated way, as he often does. He spun around quickly, and when he stopped, his eyes got as big as an owls. “Excuse me real quick y’all. I’m not feeling right.” He squeezes out, eyes still wide.


He runs to the rooms to the side/back of the stage, goes behind the door, and before anybody knew what was going on, Pastor Steve was sick, out for the day. This all happened in a matter of about 5-10 seconds, so everybody sitting in church was so confused. Luckily it was near the end of the service, so we basically said thanks for coming – see y’all next week, and church was dismissed.


Here’s where it gets real good. There’s one service left. The 11:30 service, and it’s typically our highest attended. We also have zero pastors, and roughly 15 minutes to figure out what we’ll do.


By a sheer stroke of luck, err God, Brian Walker happened to be at church one day. He’s one of our counselors, and he used to preach as well. However, he’s been traveling a lot for business in the last few years, so he no longer preaches. On all of the days when he could’ve been gone, he just happened to be there. It was a God plan.


Somebody asked if he could preach, and he replied, “Give me 10 minutes.” Everybody’s scurrying, he’s trying to pray and figure out what he’s going to preach about. Media team members are busting into his office asking for a message title, scriptures, and trying to outfit him with a mic, meanwhile he’s peacefully reading, thinking.


The ten minutes pass, and it’s time for church. I made the message artwork, got the files loaded up, and we did church. Pastor Brian brought it that day, y’all. His message was titled, A God Plan. Crazy. Just thinking of that day makes my eyes water with how far all of our teams at the church have come. Now this is an unusually long portfolio write-up, and it speaks more to my heart as a member of the team than it does as a designer, but the story’s gotta be told, y’all!!


These other Champions Community Church message artwork projects are cool, but none of them have a story like that.


The King is on the Case was done by one of my team members and friends, Tay Butler. He’s a creative photographer and collage artist, and the series art is a collage scanned in and affected slightly in Photoshop.


All of the Champions Community Church message artwork projects, except for A God Plan, included the following:

  • Key Art
  • Scripture Slide
  • Various Related Images
  • Shareable Social Media Images
  • Series Opener Video
  • Flyers, invites, etc.


Pastor Chase Austin wasn’t even there for A God Plan, but it’s a day he won’t soon forget.



Anthony's always pushing projects the extra mile. I say it all the time. He's great. He'll deliver on time. He's really straight forward and you might mistake it for rude initially, but it's not. The project will always be quality.

– Pastor Chase Austin



These various projects took place anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 weeks. Check out my friend Tay’s other work.


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