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FIRST Series Artwork

If you can listen to this in a car or somewhere with real speakers, do that. Your little iPhone earbuds or built-in laptop speakers will NOT do this justice. For best results, have your media guy pull it up in your auditorium and use the house audio. :)


Seek God FIRST in all things, and He’ll give you everything you need. Year after year Champions has done the FIRST series in January, as people re-set their internal clocks and re-align with their spiritual goals. I’ve always done the series art conceptually because a bunch of ones sounded boring, and I wanted to create something visually unusual in order to pique folks’ curiosity.


To complete the FIRST series art, I set up a fish tank in my backyard with a white backdrop, and I filmed myself squirting ink into it using small plunger syringes. The biggest challenge was getting the liquid color in the right consistency; to do this, I mixed liquid acrylic ink with thick lotion in various consistencies. Crazy. Crazy fun.


The First series artwork project included the following:

  • Title Slide
  • Scripture Slide
  • Various Related Images
  • Shareable Social Media Image
  • Series Opener Video
  • Commitment Card
  • Flyer


Pastor Chase Austin was thrilled with the outcome, and this series serves as one of my favorite of all time, as it relates to creativity.



Anthony's always pushing projects the extra mile. I say it all the time. He's great. He'll deliver on time. He's really straight forward and you might mistake it for rude initially, but it's not. The project will always be quality.

– Pastor Chase Austin



The FIRST series artwork project took roughly two weeks, and I couldn’t have done it without the trust and encouragement from Chase. While it takes years and years to learn exactly what a person wants or likes, once you have that, it’s invaluable. I think one of the reasons Champions Community Church gets some of the dopest series art I’ve ever cranked out is because I’m given 100% creative freedom. Crazy. Crazy fun.


Church Series Art