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Houston HOA Lawyer Logo and Branding

The Houston HOA Lawyer logo project was a quick and fun one. I was given the project by a web-dev friend of mine whom was working on her site.


My friend could just have easily done the project for the client, but he knows my strength is branding design, and his Houston HOA Lawyer logo client would get a solid visual foundation from which to build, and she’d get it quickly.


My buddy mentioned to me that she wanted something highly conceptual and very minimal, but that she had no idea what specifically she wanted. Perfect. I love these kinds of projects! I pitched a dozen ideas, and the one we ended up with was super minimal, and the icon portion of the logo is meant to double triple as 1. The roof of a house and a chimney. 2. The roofs of two houses in perspective and 3. A briefcase, something a lawyer is often seen carrying.


The Houston HOA Lawyer logo project included the following:

  • Logo System
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes


Shannon A. Lang, Houston HOA Lawyer was very proud of the outcome, and my buddy John shared some feedback.



Anthony Gorrity has been one of my best and brightest students. His skill, creativity, and work ethic are absolutely beyond compare. He delivers quality work in a timely manner, and it's reasonably priced. Seeing the response from my end-client made the project worth while - when people beam with pride because of the creativity, you can't beat that.

– John Valenzano


The project took a little under a week to complete, and there wasn’t a single hiccup to be had.


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