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Millionaire Mobile Marketing Logo

The Millionaire Mobile Marketing Logo project was one that sort of evolved out of need.


A friend of a friend (who I later found out was another friend of another friend,) was beginning his own mobile marketing company, and his marketing company needed a logo. This friend was named Justin, and as Justin and I talked about the opportunities for his new company, the project grew and grew and grew.


The project started with a simple marketing logo, and evolved into a full identity, a website, a ton of strategy as well as vehicle wraps and decals. This project was early on in my career, and it serves as a milestone where I learned about the importance of scope, agreements and what scope creep means for my livelihood.


Never one to disappoint, Justin got everything he needed to make his business a success.


The Millionaire Mobile Marketing Logo project included the following:

  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Mobile-Optimized Website, minimal local SEO
  • Social Media Strategy


Justin was thrilled with the outcome of the project. So much so that he offered me and my business to take the first ad spot on his vehicle for free. Justin’s priorities changed at some point, and last I checked, he let the business go, but the brand identity is still solid.



Anthony's the man! He's very collaborative, and he loves to teach you about WHY he's doing this or that. He nailed it with my project, and I'm grateful for everything we learned together along the way.

– Justin Elliott



The project ran roughly 2 months, and it’s one I’ll never forget for dozens of reasons.

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