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Moving Forward Series Artwork

Pastor Jason Warman of CoastLife Church, Venice Florida hit me up for the series artwork for Moving Forward.


He mentioned that the series would focus on their mission, and that he wanted to try and make it look as if it was branded like the church. Perfect. Series artwork + branding = I’m riiiight at home. So we had a few chats about the look, feel, and culture of the church as well as some brand elements, and I was off and running.


For the Moving Forward series artwork, Pastor Jason wanted a bump and series artwork, but I always like to think ahead a bit.


The Moving Forward series artwork project included the following:

  • Title Slide
  • Scripture Slide
  • Facebook Cover
  • Shareable Social Media Image
  • Series Opener Video


Each and every element of the Moving Forward series artwork project was branded to fit the church. Pastor Jason was pleased.



I was afraid of poor turnaround times or delays, but Anthony delivered everything in time, and he was easy to work with. The work was high-quality.

– Pastor Jason Warman



The Moving Forward series artwork project only took a few days from start to finish, but Pastor Jason knew what he wanted, he responded quickly, and he didn’t have hardly any edits.


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