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Northstar Church Woodlands Series Artwork

I’ve been doing Northstar Church Woodlands Series Artwork since Spring of 2014. That makes almost three years now at the time of this update. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!


These are a few of my favorite key art pieces from various Northstar Church Woodlands series artwork projects I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of.


Pastor Darryl Hooper is a hardcore minimalist with a special attention for consistency and cohesion with the brand. This is freaking music to my ears for those of you that know me well. You may notice that’s why many of the Northstar Church Woodlands series artwork projects feature a similar typography treatment.


Each and every Northstar Church Woodlands series artwork project includes:

  • Key Art
  • Scripture Projector
  • Social Media Covers and Shareable Images
  • Podcast Covers


Pastor Darryl is always fun and easy to work with, and the results are almost all portfolio-worthy, but I didn’t want to over do it.



I was afraid that Anthony might end up like many other design experiences that included a great first couple of designs but then ran out of gas. Anthony brings it every time on every project. He's on time, and you can tell his heart is in every single project.

– Pastor Darryl Hooper, Northstar Church Woodlands



On average, these all took a day to a week. Most of the time the Northstar Church Woodlands series artwork projects move quickly because Darryl and I have a good understanding of one another’s preferences, and the trust has been established, so that he gives me concise input once, and I deliver him a few concise ideas. Boom. Thank God for work like this.


Oh. I also did some brand identity stuff for them over the years including their site.


Church Series Art