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Pastor Matt Austin Personal Branding

Matt Austin is a Preacher from Houston, TX. He travels around the country preaching at conferences or on Sundays, giving head pastors a break. He’s self-admittedly an awkwardly shy person, but when he preaches, that all goes out the window. He shouts, dances, and screams in a high-energy, electric sort of way.


His site was focused solely on sharing his video clips with end-users, so they could get a glimpse of his preaching style. I also did a bit of video-editing and after-effects to give his videos the extra punch he was seeking.


In addition to all that, we also made a postcard mailer for him to send out to Churches that would benefit from his preaching style. This was a really fast paced, intense, fun project. Matt’s an awesome client.


Matt needed personal branding, so he could fulfill his calling of being a traveling pastor. We chose simple black and white to make the designs feel timeless and clean, but pulled the energy and electricity from the motion of the logo and various other elements seen in the personal branding identity.


Matt Austin’s personal branding project included the following:

  • Logo System
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Flyer
  • Logo sting
  • Various promo videos
  • Website complete with small media kit
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media consulting and images


Pastor Matt Austin has come so far since May 2014. He now ranks first on Google for the ultra-common name “Matt Austin,” beating out actor Matt Austin, who many may recognize as one of the actors to play the Green Ranger in the Power Rangers TV show.


He also ranks first on Google for a myriad of other variations of his name using the terms preacher, pastor, etc.


While I can’t take all the credit, his personal branding project has led him to preach The Gospel on stage with some of the world’s most well-known communicators.


He’s also been live on worldwide television on Daystar Television Network and TBN countless times, and I’ve even had the pleasure of helping with some of the graphics and bumps for those programs.



Awaiting quote.

– Pastor Matt Austin




The personal branding project was an overwhelming success, and Matt has become a friend. The project was completed in a little under a week. That’s pretty quick, but he needed it desperately as he was poised to meet with Jentezen Franklin, and wanted to make a great impression.


It’s been an honor to help Matt out with all of this stuff, and the personal branding project is an ongoing one.

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