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Sunday School Series Artwork

Noah and the ark, Zaccheus, Daniel and the lions den, these are just a few of the Sunday School stories that were the focus of the Sunday School series artwork.


The idea was to have family style services, giving Children’s Ministry a break for a few weeks, meanwhile giving adults that may not have grown up in the church and opportunity to view some of the most timeless stories of the bible.


Looking at the old bulletin boards in the Sunday School classrooms inspired the idea of using cut paper to create the visuals. I didn’t want to over-produce the video mainly because that’s not how Children’s Ministries (usually) go, and I wanted it to feel natural. Cut paper and time lapse for the win.


The Sunday School series artwork project included the following:

  • Title Slide
  • Scripture Slide
  • Various Related Images
  • Shareable Social Media Images
  • Series Opener Video


Pastor Chase Austin was thrilled with the outcome, and this series was a lot of fun for everyone. We even made coloring book pages for all the kids to entertain themselves in service, and we hung them up. That’s the sort of stuff they’ll remember when they get a little older.



Anthony's always pushing projects the extra mile. I say it all the time. He's great. He'll deliver on time. He's really straight forward and you might mistake it for rude initially, but it's not. The project will always be quality.

– Pastor Chase Austin



The Sunday School series artwork project took roughly a few days, and I couldn’t have done it without the trust and encouragement from Chase. While it takes years and years to learn exactly what a person wants or likes, once you have that, it’s invaluable. I think one of the reasons Champions Community Church gets some of the dopest series art I’ve ever cranked out is because I’m given 100% creative freedom.


Church Series Art