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Thelen Group Realtor Brand Design

A letter from David Thelen, my Realtor brand design client,


“In June 2012, I passed my real estate exam.
July 2012, Cortney and I got fired from our jobs on the same day. We spent every last penny we had saved over the past 3 years to take care of our toddler daughter.
September 2012, I lost my 22 year old sister overnight. The next day, I found my business card under her pillow.
October 2012, Cortney’s mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She told me, ‘Take care of my girls. I know you’ll be great.’
December 2012, Cortney’s mom went into the hospital for the very last time…
2012 was the worst year of my life.
It wasn’t until December 30th, 2014 that I finally got out of my funk; when my son was born.
I decided to make my sister proud.
I decided to make a change..
I decided to ‘take care of my girls’ and the grandson she never met.
I quit my full time job with a 3 year old daughter, 6 month old son, and Cortney to take care of.
It was my 24th birthday present to myself and my family.
I worked my ass off.
We struggled, we cried, we stressed… We had nothing besides the support of one another.
2016, I received a certificate of achievement for placing in the top 5% of my office.
‘Sometimes it takes the worst pain to bring about the best change.’
Shirl & Nikki, you are my inspiration; you are my motivation, and I will let nothing stop me from making you proud. My guardian angels.”


Every time I read that I get a little choked up. His ambition, his grit, his story – this is why I love working with small business owners.


The Thelen Group is a young, ambitious realty company hailing from Katy, Texas. They leverage their agility and tech-savvy to provide forever homes for their clients, and they needed a brand identity that was boldly reflective of it.


Originally, they just wanted a logo, but they had a terrible experience with a cut-rate designer before we were introduced. Having to pay for their project to be re-done put them in a bad spot, so I knew I had to kill it with this one more than ever. No pressure, right?


We opted for a full brand design because it’s far more valuable than “just a logo” and lends itself better to scalability, something The Thelen Group was keenly interested in. Their team has already doubled since completing the project.


Together, we set out to create a visual language that played up the young, agile factor while remaining true to their Keller Williams roots.


David and Cortney were very, very pleased with the results.



I tried other services to get my logo and branding done and it was an absolute nightmare. I spent a lot of money and time just to be disappointed. With you it was the complete opposite. You were on point with everything. The brain storming was my favorite part. It was crazy to see all the ideas you could come up with. I would give words to describe what I was looking for and you made them real. I think what made this special was, you cared just as much as I did about the final outcome. I couldn't have asked for a better turn out!


This realtor brand design project for David Thelen Realtor took roughly 3 weeks from start to finish.

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