Why is “brand” so important?

Imagine you’re on a trip in a foreign country, and you don’t speak the native tongue. You could either get lost or you could find a way to communicate.

You could get a translation dictionary, and try and figure it out on your own on the fly, but that could be messy and time consuming. The risk is all on you.


You could pay to take some courses before you go, but that could be costly and again time consuming. The risk is all on you again.


Or you could bring a translator along, one that’s not only fluent in the native tongue, but an expert at it. Now you’re not worried about the risk – they are. And they’re a professional.


Now imagine this. The trip you’re on – your life depends on it. Does your story have a happy ending, or does the last chapter read of your friends and family members telling stories of how they’ll miss you.


Now back to real life.


The trip you’re on is doing business in today’s highly-connected, noise-filled, 24/7/365 always online world, and how you communicate is up to you.


Are you going to try and YouTube it, DIY it and spend your time in a place where you have little to no skills? Or are you going to add to your team, bringing along somebody that can translate your brand visually?


Hi, I’m Anthony.

That’s what I do.


Why it’s important to you: You’re trying to run your business, pay the bills, keep everyone happy, and keep growing. We all are. But you’re trying to cut through all the noise on Facebook and in everyone’s inbox, and you’re just not seeing the traction you want.


There’s a lot of noise to cut through.


In 2005 a New York Times and BusinessWeek Bestseller by the name of Daniel H. Pink wrote a book called A Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future. It’s a great read. Grab yourself a copy here.


I won’t ruin the whole book for you, but in A Whole New Mind, Daniel paints a really harsh picture about design.


“For businesses, it’s no longer enough to create a product that’s reasonably priced and adequately functional. It must also be beautiful, unique, and meaningful… Perhaps the most telling example of this change, is the new middle-class obsession with design.


World-famous designers such as Karim Rashid and Philippe Starck, now design all manner of goods for a quintessentially middle-class, middle-brow, middle-American store.


Target and other retailers have sold nearly three million units of Rashid’s Garbo molded polypropylene wastebasket.


A designer wastebasket!


Or how about a toilet brush—a toilet brush designed by Michael Graves, a Princeton University architecture professor and one of the most renowned architects and product designers in the world.


The cost: $5.99. Only against a backdrop of abundance could so many people seek beautiful trash cans and toilet brushes—converting mundane, utilitarian products into objects of desire.


In an age of abundance, appealing only to rational, logical, and functional needs is woefully insufficient.


Engineers must figure out how to get things to work. But if those things are not also pleasing to the eye or compelling to the soul, few will buy them. There are too many other options.


Mastery of design, empathy, play, and other seemingly “soft” aptitudes is now the main way for individuals and firms to stand out in a crowded marketplace.”


In 2017, people want to use a service with a story. They want a product that’s sustainable and cause-driven. Not everybody has that. But everybody definitely can. And I can help.

Success is when you add value to yourself, but significance is when you add value to others.

– My friend and pastor, Chase Austin

This is what I do

Brand Audit

We'll dig into your visual identity, your brand voice, and how these things align with your online presence. I'll provide some pointers and best practices based on what I see.

Brand Identity Design

We'll dig deep into who you are as a business and communicate it visually on the highest touch-points available. I'll provide a logo system, website, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, thank you cards, shipping labels, etc.

Brand Consulting

Keep me on call for digital strategy, local SEO, site maintenance and content management. No two clients' needs are the exact same, but in this day and age, everybody needs somebody to do these things.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

– Gazillionaire, Warren Buffett

And this is how I do it *Montel Jordan Voice*


I'll ask tons of questions. You will too. We'll figure out if we're a good fit for one another. I'll ask more questions.


No two projects are the same because no two businesses are. We'll figure out scope that works for you.


This is the fun part. I'll design, send to you, you'll provide feedback, repeat. Do this until we're done.


I get the final payment. You get ALL the final files. You confidently present yourself to the world.

This is how long it takes


It’s vague on purpose. No two projects are the same. I’ve done a full brand identity including a website in 2 days, and I have a single logo I’ve been working on for over a year.

  • Your Effort

  • My Effort

  • Total confusion

Good design is like a tennis match. I’ll shoot you ideas, and I’ll need your feedback to progress.

Still unsure? That’s cool.